Who must fear a consumer enrollment confirmation | how not to come out and how to Dodge exposure

Student review is by financing consumer loans and apply for consumer credit must be enrolled checking if absolutely unavoidable.
Now the principle people sign up for examination, where consumers ‘ financial well-being, income proof is 500000 or less unnecessary because enough unemployed during the job and lied!
For consumer credit lenders can’t lend it to of course, but lenders no ability to repay, so enrollment confirmation will identify properly repay people for money is an important confirmation step.
I think here about the enrollment confirmation to a little bit more detail want to explain! Table of contents student check how done?
Basically consumer enrollment confirmation is done by telephone confirmed on “home” and “work”.
Please follow the company privacy policy, can be put in the personal name of the person. For example, include Suzuki (kana) and that ○ × (myself) it is is home?? But not Suzuki ○ ×, it is is your home??
It is something like this.
Enrollment confirmation until 辿ri着ketara to finance another step!
Is common in the consumer finance companies and work done at the end of the examination is enrollment confirmation.
With high probability goes up here, runs the loan.
Let’s pretend is surprisingly many people reluctant to confirm enrollment, positive attitude, if you’re in the news! ▲ as is trying to use consumer finance in the enrollment confirmation back to the table of contents?
Many people want to avoid enrollment confirmation, but I was trying to use consumer credit checks at selected! From enrollment confirmation, who is often the reason that two patterns enrollment confirmation to your home if you family (wife, husband, parent), transported it seems from likely transported “colleagues and bosses” enrollment confirmation to your workplace if you just said as a member of the personnel of the consumer financial company ”
Personal names “, done by phone.
So is be noticed in consumer finance man who answered the phone at home and people with telephones in the workplace.
Do ordinary company at work to yourself with the personal name call me it to me no problem. ▲ sending employees back to table of contents student how to do?
Cannot apply to an examination of the consumer finance employees say that day as long as the field from single work as employees have a steady income and not so many employees with work which the enrollment confirmation phone.
This story is speculation, but past age of the gray zone interest rate registering staffing firm goodwill, Crystal, full cast, to declare an annual income as well as receive loans of more than 1 million yen from consumer finance was ready!